• Develop New Strategies for Problem Solving with Our NLP Certification!

    Develop New Strategies for Problem Solving with Our NLP Certification!


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    Be the master of your mind & life with NLP


    ⭐ Tips & Tools for Daily Success assessment and analyze their current work habits and identify areas for improvement


    ⭐ Discover tips and tools to take away, to successfully prioritize, handle interruptions, overcome procrastination, and keep themselves motivated in tough time


    ⭐ Develop action plans for improving their personal productivity using the powerful NLP tools given


    ⭐ Contribute positively to the growth of the company growth they work in and equipped with the skills to deal right away with existing hard feelings and emotions in your workplace


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  • Fundamental of Effective Customer Service

    By end of the session, the trainees will be able to,

    (1)Understand the importance of effective Customer Service

    (2)Winning customer via professional visual image, active listening, and effective communication skills.

    (3)Effectively decode and manage customer’s behaviour and expectation

    (4)Diplomatically handle negative customer’s emotion and reaction, and act for recovery

    (5)Finding the dominant personal brand and unique customer service strategy

  • Power Up Presentation Skills Using NLP Hot

    KEY OBJECTIVES To learn and prepare an effective, attractive and memorable presentation Take control self-mental and increase confidence in presentation Improve capability in managing self and others in presenting via proper guide Equipped yourself with proven psychological tools that work in engaging people and conveying information successfully across METHODOLOGY Knowledge, experience sharing and demonstration by […]

  • Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Course (Practitioner Level) Special

    PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION COURSE by ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy Upon completion, you are certifying under ABH as Certified Practioner Hypnotherapy. It’s Acknowledged World-Wide and there are so many proven testimonials from our clients and graduates regarding how their lives improve tremendously after attending our training. We personalised small class to enhance the effectiveness and […]

  • Time Line Therapy ® Training (Practitioner Level) Special

    Courses:              Time Line Therapy ® Training (Practitioner Level) Date:                  11 – 13 June 2020 Venue:                Neo+ Hotel Penang Time:                  8.30am – 5.00pm

  • Women Enpowerment Confident Builder

    Training Details:-

    Trainer: Chan Tze Yin & Gladys Tan
    Price RM790 per person (price included 6% SST)
    Scheme: Cash / SBL KHAS
    Date: 17 April 2020 (Friday)
    Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm
    Venue: Wellings No. 5
    Address: 294, Jalan Macalister, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang

    Caption header

    JOIN NOW! This is an engaging workshop to enhance the confidence of women!

    A day that will empower women from all walks of life to learn more about themselves, using language to bring out the best in each other and learn simple tools to help with time management and making better decisions to build mental strength and build our own personal self-worth.