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NLP Certification (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

6 reviews
Enrolled: 23 students
Level: Intermediate


Price:              RM4500 per person only NOW
Date:              12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 Oct 2020

Venue:           Vistana Hotel, Penang

Time:              9am – 6pm

Scheme:        SBL KHAS

Upon completion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification, participants could

Main Features

Tips & Tools for Daily Success assessment and analyze their current work habits and identify areas for improvement. Discover tips and tools to take away, to successfully prioritize, handle interruptions, overcome procrastination, and keep themselves motivated in tough times. Develop action plans for improving their personal productivity using the powerful  NLP tools given

    • Contribute positively to the growth of the company growth they work in
    • Return to work equipped with the skills to deal right away with existing hard feelings and emotions in your workplace
    • Learn to recognize the first signs of potentially disruptive conflict and deal with it before the crisis stage. Discover how to take advantage of the hidden benefits of effectively managed conflict
    • Learn proven ways to begin the repair of damaged relationships

Gain motivation to strengthen your mind set with positive thinking and attitude on living, job, relationship, and business. Enhance your performance and productivity

  • Discover how to get what you want in life and workplace, and what is important to you (Discover yours/others “hot buttons”)
  • Master the techniques to manage your emotions and thinking, and to stay relax and calm in facing challenges and problems
  • Understand how people receive, process and deliver the information and what is their thought preferences for effective communication thru VAKAD assessment one of the very powerful tools for communication thru NLP techniques (individual preferred method of communication)
  • Want to be able to connect to people instantly?  Create instant rapport and influence people to work towards goals or how to instantly break a rapport too

Inclusive of

    1. 1st year Membership Registration @ ABNLP-US$145
    2. 5 days comprehensive training
    3. Follow up coaching session
    4. Training Manual & Materials (Original in English)
    5. ABNLP practitioner certification upon completion of assessment & training
    6. Lunch, AM/PM Teabreak

Testimonial from clients

  1. Wow, really make difference! My wife talk to me after the class, and told me, “You looked very Shiny and positive now…” – Goh Han Keat
  2. I met Tze Yin through coaching, and I have decided to attend the practitioner class. I have practiced what she has shared with me, and the NLP techniques really work. – Ooh Pei Hoon
  3. Thank you Tze Yin… I have learnt a lot in your class – Khaw Thean Hong
  4. Smoking less and less I realized. I feel great. Feeling good about myself. We need to do it. Not just know it! – Nick Goh, New Zealand
  5. Hi, Greeting from Perth! I would like to say a very big thank you for opening up my eyes into this beautiful world through Your teaching. NLP has a fantastic way of opening up someone’s heart and mind. Before I came to see u, I was at a total lost. Didn’t know where to start, thought I was already doing my best, but the best is still yet to come. I was upset and disappointed basically with everyone in this world. Then I met u. Thank you Tze Yin, your teachings will guide me until the end of time.      –Lee Ern

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